What smells Repel Raccoons

Raccoons like to live at human borne places but can be dangerous if one approaches them and apart from that, they carry rabies and other diseases that can be fatal. Raccoons are active at day time and relatively larger than other rodents like mice and rats. They come with a long tail and generally found in America, Japan and Europe.

Odor Repellents That Keep Raccoons Away

Ammonia and Naphthalene: Both of these chemicals come with a pungent smell and can be dipped in mothballs. They are organic and fuse compounds but care should be given to the fact that both of these chemicals should be used in lesser amounts. Ammonia sprays and ammonia dipped cloth and rags are effective if put in a garage that will prevent them from entering the house. Ammonia is also found in urine which can be soaked in some rags and placed outside. The raccoon might think that this urine is of another animal and sensing the danger, they will hesitate to come to homes.

Chili Powder and Garlic: Chili powder can be irritating for the raccoon as it has a strong smell. It can be mixed with some soap and put up in large containers and then sprayed in yards. The smell of fresh garlic sounds unpleasant to them and keeping garlic cloves at the corner of the house will act as a hindrance for raccoon.

Spicy Peppers: If hot sauce, Jalapeno and cayenne pepper are taken in equal quantities and then boiled with some water for few minutes and then stained, it will create a mixture that will sound penetrating and stifling for raccoon. The lower part of the walls of the house or a field can be coated with this paste so that rodents do not enter.

Peppermint oil and Onions: Onions can act as natural deterrents for raccoon as its taste can sound unpleasant. Onion can be chopped with some water and castor oil, its smell is strong and least liked. Mint has been a natural and oldest way of getting rid of raccoons since the 1950s. Cotton balls can be dipped into peppermint oil along with half amount of castor oil. This will act as an effective repellent for raccoons.

Eucalyptus and Wintergreen: Eucalyptus is useful for humans to make medicines but it can sound bad for raccoons as it can repel them. Lemon eucalyptus with wintergreen crushed leaves and DEET sprays are the best repellent. Many companies manufacture botanical compounds made of these two ingredients. Garbage bags can be infused with these two materials and so raccoon will not open them and spread litter all around. Eucalyptus oil has the same impact n raccoon.


Raccoons help to renew the soil and preserve environments. They can become good pets but can be ferocious at times and bite humans. So, humane ways should be adopted to prevent raccoon from coming to agricultural fields or homes. Vegetables can be added to water and mixed to create an unpleasant spray while chemicals can also but used but in less quantities.

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