Does poison make rodents thirsty and die outside

Rodent infestations can cause a lot of headaches to homeowners. They can be very destructive and can bring about serious illnesses. It is no wonder why many homeowners would resort to every possible ways available to eliminate them as soon as possible - and that includes using rodent poisons.

But, are these poisons marketed to supposedly help conveniently eliminate the rodents really the most effective solution to rodent problems? Does poison make the rodent thirsty and face their death outside?

The answer to both questions may very well disappoint you. Claims that poison can make rodents go thirsty and die outside is only a MYTH.

So, What Really Happens When You Use Rodent Poisons to Eliminate Rodents?

Despite the misleading promotions that you hear and see about those rat poisons or other rodent poisons, the truth is these poisons do not make the rodents thirsty and die outside. When a rodent is able to ingest a poison, typically they die of bleeding to death internally. As this happens, the rodent becomes very lethargic and barely able to move. Eventually, the poor rodent will die - oftentimes just near their burrows or nests or other unknown and hidden locations in your home.

It is not true either that the rodents will get thirsty after ingesting poison. This means that again, the claims that poison make the rodents extra thirsty so they will go outside to find a drink is nothing but a big, fat lie.

Simply put, when a rat or mice consumes poison inside your home most likely they are just going to die inside your home somewhere near where they are nesting. And, what happens next? You will have to deal with the horrible stink coming from the decaying rodent. Now, this is another huge problem that you will have to face. A single dead rodent can actually cause your home to smell terribly for up to 14 days! Moreover, decaying bodies of rodents are also considered health hazards and can cause a number of serious diseases.


Dealing with the rodents can be a very daunting task. There are no shortcuts when you want to find the perfect solution for rodent infestation problems. As a good start, it is important to know which information are factual and which are simply myths regarding proper rodent control.

Using rodent poisons are certainly not the best way to deter the rodents. In the first place, poisons will never really be able to get to the bottom of the problem. It may temporarily kill a few rodents. However, the root of the problem is still there and you will only be adding another problem. Hence, it is best not to use poisons when dealing with the rodents.

In addition, poisons are highly toxic and they can specially be dangerous when you have small children and pets living inside your home. Your curious children or pet may be able to ingest the rodenticide resulting to accidental poisoning. This alone should be enough to warn you against using rats or mice poisons.

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